Buildback is a 1-Stop Maintenance, renovation, alteration and construction company established 2005.

Buildback value into your life NOW! 

Product List


Cost on assessment

Experiencing electrical complications at your business or home? 

Let us assess it...

Roof Leak / Damp Problems

Cost according to Assessment

Leaking roof, damping problems keeping youa wake and cold? Cry-me a dry home...
We have the solution dry up your home's tears for years to come..


Cost on Assessment

Clogged, blocked or lack of water reticulation?

Let us flow around and ease up the pressure!

Painting of Buildings / Homes

Size matters on actual costs

Your home or office looking like the weather dragged it through the rough?
A frech coat of paint and the greens would be back at home...

Kitchen / Built-in Cupboards & General Carpentry

Quoted on specific Needs

Cook-in-class when the current cupboards rot away at your space....

Let us provide you with a comfort zone around the nutritional preparation for your family!

General Construction / Renovation

From Planning to finishing, One stop Costing

Whether you supply or we do, or whether you need a small wall removed or repaired...

We're there to do it all...

Tiling/Flooring/ Paving

Pricing according to needs

We do all types of flooring, Paving and tiling according to each individual's needs.

Custom Metal Work

Depending on Requirement

We do custom moulding and manufacturing of steel work, incl but not limited to:
* Door Handles    *Burglar Barring    *Sailing Hooks    *Even Knives    * Gates, etc.

Ceilings & Drywalling

Dare to test our quality against our price!

We do installtion, removal and moving of ceilings and drywalling.


Not over the top

We cover all roofs. including installation and repairing.

Fireplaces, Braais, Flu's and More...

Priced to Heat and Braai...

Quality Fireplace and Braai suppliers like GC Fires provide the best heat for your need, "Of jy nou gaan Braai" or just relax by the fireplace our installations is in compliance with the latest SABS SANS 10400-V 2010 Guidelines.

Why Choose US?



In the beginning - 2005

In the beginning - 2005
The idea to create jobs for people that need to learn and uplift themselves came to Keith Robbertze. He invested all his energy into creating a one-stop-construction company with trustworthy individuals, whilst training them to catch their own fish and providing for their families. BB is exactly that Building Back into the community.


Your Contract Builds Back

Without any additional cost to you, Buildback enhances lives by employing trained individuals in their respective fields. They have been tested and under constant supervision, provided quality work to 19 years worth of clientelle.


You Provide & We Build

One of our many services include us advising clients on:
1. them providing the materials, while we do the labour;
2. We advise clients on best prices for high quality products (Building at cost);
3. We will collect and install / build it; or
4. We will supply it all and do it all;
This way the client gets a semi-diy service but with a professional support in making it happen;


We enjoy what we do!


Prepping to Paint

A Home needs a good rinse before a clean coat of paint is applied!


The Team is Motivated                          

Always ready to go at it!


From driveways to Roof raise

We do from ground up to Roof and everything inbetween!



What we do is Quality!


[03/26, 10:07]SG: Hi Keith, thanks for the help yesterday. Your team here were great. The guys were very polite and inconspicuous which was a treat.

[01/25, 10:12] SY Hamilton: And I was pleasantly surprised that your price didn't increase during the job, which had been all my previous experience
 Have I been unlucky, or do you see that or hear of it often in the industry

[06/05, 19:17]Fox: Looks cool ...
... U must take the others to do as well when you drop those two.

Ahhh awesome thank you 🤗... i am happy to have chosen you guys...surely recommending your service... now saving money for braai aria 🙃... so see you than again 🥳🥳🥳 🤝

Thanks a million Andries – its looking fantastic, here is POP

Many thanks Andries,

We are very happy to have found a partner for building projects like these, may it long last :-D

Kind regards,




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